Jul 01

iphone-sdk-105x128Today Apple released the iPhone Firmware 3.1 Beta for developers. The iPhone SDK 3.1 is also ready to be downloaded from the iPhone Dev Center. It said so in the e-mail send to developers. » iPhone Firmware 3.1 Beta And SDK

May 14


Three and a half weeks from now, on Monday June 8th 10:00 a.m., Apple will kick-off the Worldwide Developers Conference with their keynote address. Phil Shiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, will lead the keynote. Steve Jobs will hopefully return in June. » Not Steve but Phil to deliver the WWDC keynote

Mar 24

100_2718PerceptDev engineers Zack Gainsforth and George Dean developed a hardware and software solution that allows infrared keyboards to be used for typing on the iPhone, using less than $20 of electronics. Check out the video after the break.
» IR keyboard working with a non-jailbroken iPhone

Mar 12

screen-capture-141-250x164Apple released an annoucement saying that the iPhone 0S 3.0 is coming soon. A sneak preview of the new OS and new SDK version will be presented on March 17th.
» iPhone OS 3.0: preview on March 17th

Feb 11

app_storeNobody ever thought that the App Store would be as succesfull as it has become. Only 3 months ago the site has reached a milestone of 10.000 aps. Today the app store has reached a stagering 20.000 listed apps! Ok, to be honest.. most of the apps are actually lousy (just think about all the fart app’s currently in the app store).
» App Store – 20000 Apps and still rising !

Nov 01

Stanford University started a few months ago with a new class: CS193P iPhone Application Programming. The course is focused on the iPhone application development using Cocoa Touch. Since yesterday they have also published the complete lectures in PDF format.
» Stanford iPhone Development Course – PDF’s online

Oct 13

Apps Amuck is going to release tutorials on creating iPhone apps. Since Apple has dropped the nda on the iPhone SDK, more and more information is rapidly becoming available on how to create your very own iPhone apps.
» Free iPhone App Tutorials by Apps Amuck

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