Oct 18

The korean website Korea Times has spoken to sources who know more about the next gen iPhone. According to these sources the new iPhone will include a A6 quad-core mobile processor. With all the lawsuits between Apple and Samsung you may expact they are not the best friends, but the A6 processor will also be made by Samsung. » Apple Will Stick With Samsung For A6 Chip

Oct 15

Some time ago Samsung started a Lawsuit in The Netherlands against all of Apples mobile products that make use of 3G telecommunications technology. Samsungs plan, ban sales of all Apples mobile products with 3G capabilities in The Netherlands, meaning iPhones and 3G iPads. The Hague court was anything but impressed and today denied Samsungs request. This is a big hit for Samsung since Apple won a Lawsuit to block Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales In Australia. The court also rejected Apples counterclaims in the case. » Dutch Court Throws Out Samsungs Lawsuit Against Apple

Oct 14

Samsung is no longer allowed to sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia. Thanks to a lawsuit Apple started against Samsung because they claimed the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 design was to similar to the Apple iPad design. Apple earlier already achieved their mission in getting an German judge to block Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from being sold in Germany. Apple will continue to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Europe and United States. » Judge Blocked Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales In Australia At Apples Request

Oct 07

Samsung and Google said “We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobss passing” and ther are most likely to make an announcement on the launch late next week. In the video above you can see the first leaked video with the upcomming Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime. » Out Of Respect For Steve Jobs Samsung & Google Delay Launch Of Ice Cream Sandwich/Nexus Prime

Sep 15

Samsung Galaxy II TV Ad Apple Copy
Samsung released a new TV Ad for their Samsung Galaxy S II, but it looks like they are out of inspiration. If you watch the commercial it makes you think about another extreme populair phone, yes the iPhone. Yes it is a good phone if you ask me, but they should be a little more original when it comes to TV commercials and not, lets say “make a Apple Ad copy”. Check out the ad after the break, it looks pretty cool, but what do you expect from a Apple Ad copy. » Samsung Is Makes Apple-Like TV Ad For Their Galaxy S II

Sep 09

Customer Satisfaction Survey Apple
According to a new survey by J.D. Power and Associates, Apple leads U.S. smartphone manufacturers in customer satisfaction. Apple scores outstanding in all areas, according to the survey second place is taken by HTC and Samsung ended on the 3th place with Motorola and RIM following behind. » Survey: iPhone Tops U.S. Smartphone Customer Satisfaction

Aug 20

These days there are 100s of messages about Apple requesting new patents, but what most people dont know is that Apple is actually pretty small as a patent owner, compared to some other well known companies. In the graphic above (for full version click here), you can see that Apple is one of the small “spikes”. They just own around 1000 patents, compared to other big companies such as IBM “10.000+”, Nokia “11.500+” and Samsung “11.800+” thats a small amound. » Samsung Is The Owner Of 12 Times As Much Patents As Apple

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