May 12

Swapplugins is another application that let’s you swap a setting.
This swap application gives us the option to download the files we watch or stream.
In standard mode, your safari file will be played into the iPhones native music or video player.
When you press the swapplugin, safari will ask you to download the file locally onto your iPhone so later on you will be able to play it locally from your iPhone.
» Swapplugins 1.04

Apr 15

After some hard work on the server and the server configuration, I’m back with some iPhone news.

It appears that the hackers at hackint0sh found a new capability of firmware 2.0 or is it 1.2 :)

Following have been discovered so far:

-Contact search option (whohoo, i need that)
-Embedded youtube support (no flash but either a transmogrify kinda hack)
and the newest …
-Saving pictures from in Safari
» New firmware allows saving of pictures in safari.

Mar 28

We have received news that the new SDK includes the new firmware version 2.0 on the emulator.

The new version is iPhone OS 2.0 build 5A225c.No new features have been found so far, except for an updated webkit, build 525.15 (Safari).

But as it’s just released i think we will receive news within the next days.

The downloadable version will probably released in the next few hours to select developpers.

More information to follow.

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