Sep 26

Recently, Apple seeded a beta firmware 2.2 to developers. There hasn’t been any features added yet, but the Safari interface has changed just a little. Read the full post by clicking the read more link. » MobileSafari’s interface receives a change in beta firmware 2.2

Sep 14

Back on 1.1.4, there was an application called AdBlock that disabled the ads in the iPhone’s Safari browser. This greatly reduced the time it took Safari to render web pages, especially in a situation without wifi. Well, AdBlock still isn’t ported to 2.0, but there is another way to manually disable ads in Safari. It requires SSH or USB access to your phone’s filesystem, but is pretty easy. Read inside for instructions. » How to block ads in Mobile Safari

Aug 16

All of us remember the Safari Download Plugin from the 1.1.4 firmware. This plugin allowed you to download supported files directly to your iPhone or iPod Touch from the internet. These files could then be taken off, or manipulated in other ways. Well, the improved Safari Download Plugin 2.0 has appeared in Cydia today, along with a BossPrefs toggle. » Cydia: Safari Download Plugin 2.0

Jul 24

According to Aviv Raff the iPhone’s mail and safari applications are having big security risks. Both applications are openly available to phishing attacks. The good news is that he didn’t make the exploit publicly available, and he’s not planning to do this before Apple has posted a firmware update that fixes these issues. Hit the break to read all the details.
» Security risk – iPhone is Phishable and SPAMable

Jul 16

I’ve had some people asking me on how to take save pictures (photos) with safari on the new iPhone and iPod Touch firmware 2.0. This is actually a very easy. When you have found a picture that you’d like to save, just press and hold the image untill a new screen pops up with a request to save the image.
» How to save Safari Pictures Firmware 2.0 (iPhone, iPod Touch)

Jun 23

Safari on the iPhone has a little problem that it doesn’t save usernames and passwords when you have entered them. iRemember fixes this little issue by allowing Safari to save cookies. This is a must have little mod that will save you quite some time when entering usernames and passwords.
» iRemember – Saves your password in iPhone Safari

Jun 14

A lot is going on for the moment in iPhone repo land. some packages moved, some repos got removed. I’ll go a little bit in more detail after the read more.
» iPhone repository updates.

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