Dec 12

Digitimes reported that the next generation iPads will be available in 3-4 months. “Makers in the supply chain have started delivering parts and components for the new tablets to OEM contractors while reducing those prepared for iPad 2”. According to the sources the production of the iPad 2 will remain high but will decline in the beginning of 2012. » Next Generation iPads Will Be Available In 3-4 Months

Jul 08

9to5mac received some information from an “iPhone source that has been reliable in the past” saying Apple will bring 2 new iPhones on the marker this September. “One will be a low-end variety that will address the cheap Android market, according to the source.  The other will be a high-end device and will be an all new design.  There will be no mistaking these two devices, they will be immediately discernible.  The iPod touch, like it always has, will get updated in September as well.” » Not One But Two New iPhones This Year?

Jan 14

500x_mac-tablet-concept-2The Green Room Blog created a picture with the latest rumors in it. They numbered every rumour and gave each rumour a color. The red colored rumours are very likely and the grayish colored rumours are very unlikely. » The Latest Apple Tablet Rumours In One Picture

May 31

We’ve been following every rumor out there about the new 3G iPhone.

Now we seem to have some more confirmation on the rumor that the new 3g phone will have a Global Positioning System (GPS). GigaOM is trying to grab the rumor by it’s tail for they have made an interesting discovery. » More rumors of GPS on the 3G Iphone