Aug 15

152021-third_gen_touch_1_500So new rumors have seen the light. This time it’s about the iPod Touch. Several pictures showed up on MacRumors and look very real. But if it is the next generation iPod Touch…I doubt it.

» Leaked iPod Touch Photos? Fake Or Real?

Apr 05

img_38012_iphone_videoSome developers were able to find more details of next iPhone from gettin deep into the beta firmware 3.0 which was release last week.

These developer got traces of next version iPhone being capable of higher wifi speeds by adding 802.11n support.

Also, they found that Apple could add video recording and uploading the video right from device with some reasonable editing on iPhone itself!

This could be true and we can expect lot more, and all could be real during this June WWDC 09 event.

Apr 03

iphonecamIt seems that OmniVision a CMOS supplier received 3.2-megapixel CMOS image sensor (CIS) orders that would be used for the next-generation iPhone. The company is also said to have secured 5-megapixel CIS orders for another Apple product expected to be launched later in the year. So rumor or not?
» Rumor: 3.2 Megapixel Camera for the next iPhone?

Feb 13

iphone20091The images you’ll see in the post are gathered from different rumor sites (Macrumos and theipodobserver). The empty shells show us a new model ‘A1241’ number plus a matte finish that looks like it has some metalic shine on it. The iPhone model A1303 is acutally a new model number as the currente 16GB version has model A1241.
» Rumor – New Matte 16GB iPhone 4G (3G) back

Nov 12

The guys from iPhoneHellas claims that the iPhone 2.2 firmware will become available on November 21st based on what they describe as a “reliable” source. So we will have to wait 10 more days to see if this rumor is true or not. Meanwhile you can find below a short recap of the features that have been discover till know in Firmware 2.2:
» iPhone Firmware 2.2 coming out in 10 days?

Sep 07

A new image has been circulating on the net which shows the iPod Touch 2G. Besides the earlier rumors of having a GPS, the purposed new device would include a 2MP camera, 3 side buttons for music player functions a removable battery and a aluminium back. This new image is most probably a big fake as the source is not really trustworthy. But here’s the image:
» Rumors – iPod Touch 2G

Sep 03

Some days ago i informed you about the so called JoyPod that Belkin was developing. Today Belkin informed toucharcade that the rumor just isn’t true. Well, it seems the App Store gaming accessory from Belkin was too good to be true.
» Belkin says no to JoyPad

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