Dec 08

iPad 3 Case
According to the Japanese Website Macotakara, the picture above is a Case for the Next Generation iPad. They also claim that the next generation iPad will be thicker and therefore will not be compatible with all current iPad 2 cases. They believe that the front screen will be the same as the other iPads, with the same types of corners and bezel as well. I am very sceptic about this rumor, what do you guys think.

Oct 01

Anatomy Of An Apple Rumor infographic
Its easy to say that Apple is the company that garners more rumors than any other company. Especially when there is a big Apple Event on its way, rumors come fon a daily basis. Because of that PCmag created a infographic showing how the typical Apple rumor forms over time. Check out the infographic after the break. » The Anatomy Of An Apple Rumor [Infographic]

Aug 05

A member of the macrumors forum claimed he created a photo of the iPhone 5. Personally i think it looks really fake, and Gizmodo agree with me. They actually showed some proof that it is a fake picture, by creating a similair iPhone in just 10 minutes using Photoshop… it even looks better then the one claimed to be taken in an office of a French operator. » First iPhone 5 Picture: Fake?

Jul 08

9to5mac received some information from an “iPhone source that has been reliable in the past” saying Apple will bring 2 new iPhones on the marker this September. “One will be a low-end variety that will address the cheap Android market, according to the source.  The other will be a high-end device and will be an all new design.  There will be no mistaking these two devices, they will be immediately discernible.  The iPod touch, like it always has, will get updated in September as well.” » Not One But Two New iPhones This Year?

Nov 27

Its almost December and its time to starts the iPad 2 rumors. Reports from Taiwan are saying the next gen iPad will include a Retina Display, but is that financially plausible? They also say it will include a USB dock, which will be great and will make the iPad more popular. I think we all can assume there will be a built in camera for FaceTime, but what about a 3-axis gyroscopes for gaming experience? » iPad 2 Will Get A Retina Display, Camera & USB Port?

Aug 18

PC World
is reporting that Apple may release a new iPad in December. According to the report this new iPad will include a 7 inch touch screen “iPad mini?”. The report comes from a Taiwanese Economic Daily News financial newspaper that also correctly reported that Apple was making the original iPad. Now they claim Taiwanese companies starting to assemble a 7-inch iPad for Apple. The report also says that Apple has tapped Compal Electronics to assemble the new iPad, Compal Electronics is one of the largest contract laptop computer makers in the world. » Rumor: New iPad Coming This December?

Aug 07

steven jobs - apple event
A Brazilian website MacMagazine claims they received information from a reliable source within Apple, telling the next Apple event will be held somewhere between the 14th and 20th of August. This event will probably be about the next gen iPod Touch “which according to rumors will include a front facing camera” and a new iOS for the iPad. » Rumor: Next Apple Event Somewhere Between 14 & 20 August

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