Jul 04

Last week i wrote you about a upcoming game Neverball that is going to be released in our installer pretty soon. For the people who don’t know Neverball, it’s a super monkey ball clone, but it’s free !! Check my old post for more information and click the read link for a updated video.
» Neverball Updated video

Jun 29

Lazrhog, the guy who ported rRootage to the iPhone is currently working on porting NeverBall to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Neverball is a 3D balance game, which you can compare to Sega’s monkey ball. The goal of the game is to collect as much coins as possible by tilting your iPhone or iPod touch and eventually guide the ball to the exit. altouhg the game is still in development it really looks nice. There’s no word out if this will be a AppStore game or Installer, but my guess is that it’s going to be a Installer version. I’ll keep you updated. Video and screens after the break.
» Neverball – A 3d iPhone labyrinth game

May 24

BigBoss repo now has all the apps and games from the old TouchRepo.
The following have moved:

TuxPuck – An airhockey game/Shufflepuck Cafe clone for the iPhone/iPod Touch.
StatusStyle – Tool to change SpringBoard’s Default StatusBar.
iZoo – Fun game in the style of Zoo Keeper/Bejeweled.
NOIZ2SA – Exciting sidescroller shooter game. Port of NOIZ2SA
rRootage – Vertical Shooter. Port of rRootage
Wiki2Touch – Search and read Wikipedia articles offline.
PocketTouch – Updated to v1.3 (see previous post)

I’ll post some screenshots of the apps/games so you know what they are.
» Touchrepo Apps and Games Moved to BigBoss

Apr 16

Untill now there haven’t been any reviews for 3d shooters on iPhoneFreakz.com

today i have a little review for a game called rRootage.
rRootage is an abstract shooter, created by Kenta Cho and has already been ported to almost any platform you can imagine.
So now it’s iPhone/iPod touch time.

The goal of the game is very easy, blast your enemy into smithereens and stay as long as possible alive.
The game is a little abstract but if you see what the iPhone is capable off with this game, then i can’t hardly wait to see what the developers will be releasing in June.
» rRootage a 3d vertical shooter for the iPhone or iPod Touch