Sep 18

Apple handed out a number of iPhone 5c review units to various publications and the first review posts are now published. Jump after the break for a roundup of reactions to Apple’s colorful new phone lineup. » First iPhone 5c Reviews: Color Is a “Breath of Fresh Air” [Roundup]

Sep 18

Multiple publications have received an iPhone 5s review unit from Apple, and the first review posts have now been published. The reviews are positive, calling the Touch ID a ‘real advance’ and the two-tone flash produces ‘lovely results’. Check out all the reviews after the break. » First iPhone 5s “Touch ID & Two-Tone Flash” Reviews [Roundup]

Jan 27

Some publications have posted their first reviews on the film JOBS after the premiere at the Sundance Film Festival and will arrive in theaters nationwide on April 19. Some of the reviews that can be found after the break include reviews from The Next Web, The Verge, Cinema Blend, CNET and more. » First Reviews Of Ashton Kutcher’s Film “JOBS” by CNET, Cinema Blend and More

Mar 15

What do Macworld, The Verge, Techcrunch, LoopInsight, AllThingsD and NewYork Times have in common? Well they got their hands on the new iPad and released reviews today, some including videos.

Macworld (+ video):

– Text in most apps will automatically take advantage of Retina display, though with some exceptions (Kindle App) 
– “The third-generation iPad had a frame rate 1.6 times that of the iPad 2” 
– 3rd Gen iPad almost identical physically to iPad 2 
– Video quality of 1080p video recorded was “very good” even in low light 
– “AT&T’s LTE network in San Francisco was impressive.” with 14.5Mbps/20.6Mbps download and upload rates. 

Macworld video and other review tidbits after the break. » First New iPad reviews are coming in

Oct 11

Hi everyone. I want to know what apps from the App Store and Cydia you want to be reviewed. Let me know it in our Forum and I will try my very best to review the app you request.


Sep 27

Ever since the App Store started, one of the biggest complaints from numerous individuals was the fact that many people were leaving reviews for applications without even purchasing them. This led to inaccurate reviews left by people who actually had no right to be reviewing it without trying it. However, Apple has put a requirement now that users wanting to leave a review must now have first purchased the application. » Purchasing now required to review an App Store application