Oct 11

iCloud First Look Internal
Today a tipster of 9to5mac provided them with internal Apple docs, which informed us that  iCloud and iOS 5 will be available on Ocyober 12th. These are the cheat sheets that Apple employees use to sell customers these products. The sheets that gives information and the release date of iOS 5 and iCloud can be seen after the break. » Internal Docs Apple Employees Use To Explain iCloud & iOS 5 [iOS 5 & iCloud Will Be Launched October 12th]

Sep 26

Apple Blocking Vacations iPhone 5 launch
Appleinsider reported that Apple is blocking out employee vacations for October 9th through 12th and October 14th through 15th. Most of the time this means that Apple is planning to launch a new iPhone, and ofcourse we are expecting Apple will do the same this time. This is good news and means we only have to wait a view more weeks before we can get our hands on the next gen iPhone “5 / 4s”. » What Is The Reason That Apple Is Blocking Out Vacations For October 14th?

Aug 09

Apple already released iOS 5 Beta 5, which means that the official version will be released soon. After the break you can see some nice information and stats about the iOS Beta versions since 2008. » iOS Beta Numbers!

Mar 23

Apple just Confirmed that the iPad 2 will be launched this friday in 25 Countries. These countries are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. » Apple Confirms iPad 2 Launches In 25 Countries This Friday

Feb 22

Normally Apple will release a new iPhone every year in the month June and July. But BusinessInsider got some information this year’s expected iPhone 5 may not launch until September. Berger writes, “For the iPhone 5, we continue to hear that a July launch is unlikely, with various casing suppliers and touch suppliers still ramping up, with some chip vendors not having yet received firm iPhone 5 orders, and with other sockets like the image sensor (most likely going to Omnivision exclusively, but with some potential for Sony to split that socket) still in flux. » iPhone 5 May Not Launch Until September

Sep 18

Yesterday in China, the iPad “Wi-Fi model” finally went on sale at the Apple Stores in Beijing and Shanghai. As you can seen in the movie above, everybody was pretty excited. Because of the VAT the prices of the iPad are a little higher then in the US. The prices for the iPad range from 3988 yuan ($590) for 16gb, 4788 yuan ($712) for 32gb to 5588 yuan (US $826) for 64gb. » iPad Launched In China!

Nov 12

The guys from iPhoneHellas claims that the iPhone 2.2 firmware will become available on November 21st based on what they describe as a “reliable” source. So we will have to wait 10 more days to see if this rumor is true or not. Meanwhile you can find below a short recap of the features that have been discover till know in Firmware 2.2:
» iPhone Firmware 2.2 coming out in 10 days?

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