Nov 02

s_logoallied_logoMonths ago, the first details showed up about EA developing Red Alert for the iPhone. Today the game finally made it to the App Store after the release date was changed from October 23rd to unknown. I bought it and played it a little bit to get some impressions and I must say the game is awesome.

» Red Alert Finally In The App Store: First Impressions

Nov 01

red alert iphoneAfter such a long wait, Red Alert has finally made it to the App Store. You can only find it in the New Zealand App Store, but that means it will not be long before the rest of the world can play this amazing game. The release date has been pushed back from October 23rd to an unannounced date, but apparently EA decided to release it on November 1st.

» Red Alert Is Out In New Zealand, Rest Of The World Follows

Oct 25

red alert iphoneSo we have no Red Alert yet. It should have been in the App Store last Friday October 23rd. On the TouchArcade Forums several people are claiming the game will be available on Monday or on October 28th. I guess we’ll just have to have a little bit more patience.

Oct 10

red alert iphoneRed Alert was released for the PC in 1996. Thirteen years, another 2 Red Alert parts and a whole bunch of Command & Conquer games later, the extremely popular game is going to arrive on the iPhone on October 23rd.

» Red Alert: Available October 23rd…Yeah!!!

Jun 04

We reported about Red Alert yesterday. Ea Games is going to release that game end this year. But Gameloft is not sitting still either. They will release Real Tennis 2009 and Castle Of Magic very soon. TouchArcade had their hands on these games and tried out the controls.

» E3: Gameloft Demos ‘Real Tennis 2009’ And ‘Castle Of Magic’