Mar 05

spacetraderHermitWorks Entertainment Corporation announced that they are working on a new game based upon the Quake3 engine. The new iPhone game called space Trader: Moon Madness will be released in the first quarter of 2009.
» App Store – Space Trader Game Based on Quake 3 Engine

Nov 02

The developer ZodTTD submitted a free port of Quake to Apple AppStore. At first accelerometer support was included, but it is very hard to play the game while maintaining the positions needed for Quake, so it has been disabled in this revision. It usually takes between 2 to 5 days to get an app approved (or rejected). Once approved for the AppStore, it will be updated to include network play, mods / downloadable content, and more!
» Quake coming to the App Store ?

Aug 27

Some time ago we informed you guys about a upcoming mod that will turn our iPhones/iPod Touches into real mobile gaming stations.. The iControlPad. Today i received another mail from the creators with a new picture and some news. The iControlPad will probably be priced below $30 and it will offer you a full gaming control pad for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
» iControlPad update

Apr 17

Breaking news,

I just heared that Counterstrike has been ported to the iPhone.

Our friends from iPhoneCake have just released a counterstrike version for the iPhone.

The only problem is that the manual is in chinese.

But google is our friend so here we go
» Counterstrike ported to the iPhone/ iPod touch