Feb 16

img_0014Eric Castro released a new application onto Cydia. We know him from his super cool apps iSlsk and MewSeek and PwnPlayer. Today he released MewSeek Pro. MewSeek Pro is a upgraded version of MewSeek that has several cool functions:
» Cydia – Mewseek Pro

Oct 26

Eric Casto has released his follow-up application to iSlsk, MewSeek. MewSeek is much like iSlsk, as in it uses to the P2P network to download music and files. However, MewSeek is currently unable to import the music into your iPhone/iPod Touch’s library, due to restrictions that Apple has implemented. » Cydia – MewSeek

Oct 25

Many people have been waiting for the successor of iSlsk, well developer Eric Castro has announced that he will release shortly a public beta version of iSlsk 2.x which will be called MewSeek. For the people who don’t know what islsk is, it’s a P2P application that focuses on music downloads and uses the SoulSeek network. Next to this Eric is also planning to release PwnPlayer Beta 5. Eric also created a website for Mewseek but there is not much info available at this moment…so stay tuned.

Sep 23

Today i received a mail from Eric our friend who created iSlsk, and boy he does have some really awesome stuff for us. His latest project is called PwnPlayer and it will be a full replacement for the standard iPhone and iPod Touch music player. The reason why he created this player is cause firmware 2.X doesn’t allow him anymore to import the downloaded music tracks from iSlsk. Here’s the full story and a video:
» Exclusive- PwnPlayer (iPhone media player on steroids)