Jun 14


Apple now know that privacy is synonymous with users’ information, and the iDevice-maker is finally attempting to rights its wrongs by requiring user permission in iOS 6 before apps can access any sensitive particulars.

Congress, regulatory bodies, and consumer advocates alike became aware earlier this year that apps uploaded data—such as entire contact lists—to their servers without notifying or even asking for permission from users first. Apple responded to the uproar in February when a representative said future software releases would require explicit user approval.

iOS 6 is now in beta for developers but will release to the public this fall. Read the full release not after the break.

» Apple Now Requires User Permission In iOS 6 Before Apps Can Access Private Data

Jul 29

iOS hack fix
Earlier this week Apple released iOS 4.3.4 to fix the jailbreak method of jailbreakme.com. But now nakedsecurity advice us to update to iOS 4.3.5 as fast as possible: “Moxie Marlinspike posted a message on his blog yesterday announcing an update to a tool called sslsniff. The sslsniff tool has been around for quite some time (nine years!) and allows users to easily perform man-in-the-middle attacks against SSL/TLS connections. The new version of sslsniff knows how to identify vulnerable Apple devices and allows anyone to snoop on secure communications.” » WARNING: Update Your iDevice To The Latest iOS!

Aug 23

cydia-logo PrivaCy the new App in Cydia. Saurik just released this app in Cydia. It is specially created to address concerns about  the  App Store applications which track user information and location information for developers to analyze. With this  app  you can block tracking providers (like Pinch Media). Saurik offers an explanation.

» Cydia: Block Apps To Get Privacy With ‘Privacy’

Sep 18

Recently, many people have figured out that on the iPhone’s lock screen, where you can call an emergency number, you can actually dial any number, and it successfully goes through. We’ve also figured out that this feature/bug has been present since before even before 2.0. This could be taken as an extra feature or a bug. There are pros and cons to having this present. Full article inside. » iPhone “Emergency” calling allows calling for any number