Jul 12

The Verge reports that Microsoft is planning to drop the prices of its Surface RT tablets by $150. The lower prices, which will go into effect on Sunday July 14, are likely the result of lackluster sales. Microsoft has heavily marketed Windows 8 tablets in recent weeks, incuding 4 anti-apple ads highlight the iPad’s inability to multitask and its lack of built-in productivity software. » Microsoft Slash Surface RT Prices by $150

Dec 30

9to5mac noted that Apple has taken an additional $50 off the refurbished 2011 Mac mini on its online Certified Refurbished Store. The Intel Core i5 now start at $469 for the 2.3GHz model with 2GB of RAM. » Apple Lowered Refurbished Mac Minis Prices, Now Start At $469

Oct 21

According to 9to5mac sources, the base model of the smaller iPad, (which “according to the latest rumors” will be announced on October 23 and released on November 2) will likely be priced at a minimum of $329 in the United States. They also noted that two higher capacities WiFi-only models will likely be priced at $100 premiums over each other at a minimum of $429 and $529. The iPad Mini WiFi + Cellular line will be priced at $459, $559, and $659. » iPad Mini Pricing Start At Approximately $329

Mar 08

Apple held an iPad event where they announced The new iPad, iOS 5.1, Apple TV and iPhoto. But that is not all they announced. Apple also confirmed that they would continue selling the iPad 2 and that they decreased the prices of the 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad 2 to $399 and the Wi-Fi+3G model to $529. Good news for people that are not satisfied with The new iPad specs and decide to order an iPad 2 instead.

Mar 03

iPad 3 prices
The latest rumors about the iPad 3 prices said the iPad 3 will most likely cost $70 or $80 more than the iPad 2. But today 9to5mac said that this does not appear to be the case. 9to5mac has gotten word that iPad pricing is going to be the same across the board as the current iPad 2 models (iPad 2 prices can be seen above) which should be no big surprise given Apples history. » iPad 3 Prices Same As iPad 2?

Dec 17

We informed you that the iPhone 4S has just been launched in Brazil and the prices are extreme higher than the US prices. In the Apple Store the 16 GB SIM-free version comes with a R$ 2599 price tag and the 32GB/64GB versions sells for R$ 2999/R$ 3399. The exchange rate of Brazilian dollar is approximately R$ 1.71 to USD 1.00 which means the 64GB iPhone 4S costs $2000 in Brazil and in the US it cost three times less with a price tag of only $849. But what is the reason for this high price tag? » iPhone 4S Costs $2000 In Brazil

Nov 28

Best Buy made a commercial about the Apple products they sell.  But why should you prefer buying at Best Buy over a official Apple Retail Store? Best Buy prices are significantly lower then the official Appl Reteail Store.  For instance, they have the 15 and 17-inch MacBook Pros $200 off and $150 off the 13-inch MacBook Pro as well. » Game On Santa With Apple Gifts At Best Buy