Jun 03

Pool is a fun application to play a game of pool, 8-ball or 9-ball on your iphone, or ipod touch. With Different gametypes (single player, vs. Computer and 2vs2) it’s a fun game to kill the time. The game has a few new features after the 2.1 update. Allow me to briefly explain what changed. First of all the developer improved the important AI algorithm, balls go where they should go with the correct movement. Thanks to developer RipDev the game now also contains some sound effects that definitely cheer up the game some more.And there are also 2 important bugfixes by the developer.
» Pool 2.1 – Billiards for the Apple iPhone

Apr 26

I already wrote a small review about pool version 1.0 some time ago (you can read it here.

Today i found a update in my installer for Pool. It’s now on version2.0.

So what changed? A lot of things..

You can finally play with 2 players now, either agains the computer or against a friend (not yet over wireless :()
A ton of new options :
-The option to rotate the controls for the 2nd player.
– Choose 3 levels of difficulty
– 5 options for match length (1, 3, 5, 10, 15)
» Pool Version 2.0

Mar 24

Pool is one of those games that can keep you busy for quite some time if you have nothing to do.

The game itself is really easy to play with.

There aren’t a lot of options, but with this kind of game it’s not really needed.
There’s 1 thing i would like the developers to add, and that’s network gaming. Play a game of pool against a friend over your wireless network would make this one of the games to have!

Let me explain you the basics of the game.

» Play some Pool