May 27


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NicoTeam released a new super poker game.

PokerSolitarus is a Vegas video poker game
The game has been ported from the free open source game by NicoTeam.
I must say that NicoTeam did a very well job.
The game works as any other poker game:
On each hand place your bet (the ‘Bet’ button places down one chip for every press and the ‘Bet max’ button goes ahead and puts the maximum bet of five chips in) and click ‘New Hand’ to receive five new cards. Take a look at your hand and decide which cards to hold and which to discard. Once you’re pleased with your selection(s) press ‘Deal’ and REPLACE any cards you’re not holding.
» PokerSolitarus

May 19

I just found this video of a iPhone/iPod version of Texas hold’em Poker.
The name of the app is Texas Hold’em Touch or THTouch and it’s currently in it’s first beta round so don’t expect to have this in the next couple of days.
Although the app is still in it’s beta, it does already look very cool.
I don’t have much information for the moment, but here’s a quick video of the beta in action.

» Texas Hold’em Touch almost ready

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