Dec 04

The special thing about the iPhone or iPod, it’s the huge number of apps and games that are available for this amazing device. They can even include having to shake or tilt your iPhone or iPod. One of the games you can play on your smartphone is poker.

The next time you get together with friends for some texas hold’em, tell them to bring their iPhones. 888 Poker uses your iPhone or iPod touch and iPad and turns them into a deck of cards.

Do you have any iPhone fanatics in the house? 888 Poker allows you to use one device for each card dealt — just in case you have a crop of iPhones laying around or want to put your old iPhones to use.

So tell your friends that you play 888 poker on your smartphone, and in no time they will all be hooked like you!

Apr 16

If you ever played poker before, you may know how many variations and game types there are out there. The most common games are 7 Card Stud and Hold‘em, however, there are many more that people love to play. Each game has a unique set of rules and format but the basic principles remain the same. You will always want to form the best hand that you can while managing the risks and chances that you are taking, as well as the opponent(s) that you are facing. In this article, we will explain a few of these poker variants. Omaha Omaha High is probably the most popular of the unpopular poker games. » Poker Game Types

Feb 11

3cardpro13 Card Pro is a new iPhone poker game released in the App Store from the same developers who released 21 PRO: Blackjack (Avalinx). It features a fast, exciting and addictive poker-based casino table game. It’s best known as Three Card Poker or Tricard Poker in the Casino’s. Hit the break to read more.
» App Store – 3Card Pro (iPhone game)

Oct 24

ThTouch which most of you may remember from the pre app store era (jailbreak game) has made it to the app store. THTouch comes without all the neat 3D features of Apple’s Poker Game, on the other hand it saves you some bucks, costing only $0.99 (0.79€). In case you want to see what it’s like to play this game, hit the break for a video.
» App Store – THTouch. Texas Hold’em Poker

Sep 23

Candywriter has announced the release of Imagine Poker 1.2 for iPhone/iPod Touch. Imagine Poker is your ticket to a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament with 21 characters from history whose exaggerated playing styles mimic their personalities.

» App Store – Imagine Poker 1.2

Jul 10

Picnic Poker is an upcoming poker game by Sea Lion Games. It looks like a puzzle game inspired by Poker. There’s really not much information available for now. We can only assume that the game will be released in the App Store. Here’s a vid to see what’s coming.

» App Store – Picnic Poker (poker game)

Jul 01

ThTouch our Texas hold’em iPhone poker game has been updated to version 0.32. The new version adds a lot of graphical changes. There’s a new deal button to start the game. The swiping has remained but now it requires you to swipe untill you see a ok button in the middle of your screen. The gameplay also seems to be a bit faster and more smooth. The game now has a hlepscreen that will take you to the developers homepage (and therefore quits your game).
» THTouch 0.32 – Texas hold’em poker for the iPhone

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