Jun 12
To celebrate the 1 millionth download for Pig Shot, the app will be made free for another week. Pig Shot is an incredible addicting pig rolling action game where you will get to launch the pig off slingshots and roll it at high speed through a challenging trail with dozens of obstacles that awaits you. Your pig can pick up cauliflowers & corns and fart (power-up) it’s way out of any troubling obstacles to become the top pig in the game. » Pig Shot: Epic Pig Rolling Game Goes Free To Celebrate 1st Million Downloads
May 16

Pig Shot has just received a major update, the update provides 17 new Game Center achievements, new obstacles, a female pig (Maggie) character, progressive gameplay mode, a new leaderboard format and more. Better yet, the game is now universal so players can enjoy it on any iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The price of the game remain unchanged at $0.99 for the universal app. It’s a steal! » Pig Shot Updated With Game Center, Retina Display Support, Universal & More.

Oct 24

pig shot free
The popular game Pig Shot just turned free in the App Store for a limited time only. Pig Shot is an incredibly addictive action game, where you launch your pig from slingshot to another while avoiding obstacles. The best part comes when you use your pig to fart for temporary speed boost. It is integrated with Open Feint Leaderboard and dozens of achievements to be unlocked. Highscore can be sent via email and challenge can competed by just touching the play button within the email. Check out the review of Pig Shot by Matt here.

Oct 12

I love games that are cheap, use ZERO brain power, are quick to play and are engaging.  What can I say? I guess I am a product of the 140 character society in which we live (either that or I have an undocumented case of ADHD). Pig Shot is one of those games. The game is only a buck. Cheap, check. Gameplay lasts as long as you can keep from hitting anything. Engaging and no thinking, check. The premise is simple. The pig hops into the slingshot and once you let it go, it rolls down the farm until it hits something. By tilting the phone left or right you can avoid obstacles. Your goal is to get one from one sling shot to another. If you roll into an object, it’s game over. Though some objects are worth rolling into.  A star or cauliflower, for example, because you pick up both points and gas. Another nice little touch is that the stars have pig snouts for noses. Typically, I’m not a fan of the flatulence, but a little potty humor to give a pig a boost when running low on energy is both amusing and functional. » App Review: Pig Shot