May 07

Macrumors is reporting that another pictures of the so called 3G iphone has surfaced.
Again there’s no confirmation, and there likely will be no confirmation until june..
But i don’t want to withhold this from you guys.
» Another 3G iphone picture?

May 06

Engadget supposedly has some leaked pictures of the White iPhone 3G.
It looks very much like the previous leaked pictures of the iPhone dimensions(check previous post here).

Yet again i have to say that this new design does not appeal me at all.

I still prefer the first gen iPhone the most. But are these real? We shall know in the beginning of june :)
» Leaked iPhone 3G pictures PT II ?

May 02

I have no idea of this is authentic, but it appears that the french blog got some pictures of an anonymous source regarding the 3G iphone.
The design looks pretty much like what has been leaked on the net (see my previous post regarding this).
» First iphone3G pics ??

Apr 17

Snapture 1.3 has been released today.
so what’s new compared to version 1.0 (see review here)?

-There’s support for 4 languages (English, French, German and Italian)
-You can turn the zoom on or off
-You can hide the icons on the front screen.


» Snapture 1.3 released

Apr 06

Some of us already installed CameraPro, one downside to this app was that you had to pay after using some of it’s features.

Well now we have Snapture.

Snapture is almost identical to CameraPro, except for 1 thing.. It’s freeeeeeeeeee :)

I like this app, cause it gives you some more options that the standard Photo app doesn’t has.

» Advanced photography with Snapture (CameraPro)

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