Nov 13

Juxtaposer lets you combine any pictures,from your camera, saved photos or any other images, quickly and easily.Take any element from one picture and add it to another. Put your friend’s head on a statue’s body, remix your pets into a mythical creature, or magically join your favourite band, it’s simple and the process is fun.
» App Store – Juxtaposer

Nov 07

OrbLive was already available through installer, but after a long waiting time it finally made his entrance to the App Store. For those who don’t know the app, OrbLive allows you to stream all your music, video’s, pictures and live TV from anywhere in the world,and this via Wi-Fi, 3G or Edge.
» App Store – OrbLive (watching live TV)

Oct 20

Debacle Software released a new app called Pano, which allows you to take panoramic pictures (up to four in one panorama) from multiple iPhone photos.
» App Store – Pano (Panoramic pictures)

Oct 03

Flickr has made a new mobile version of its website, which is completely optimized for the iPhone. The most used options can be found on the top of the page, and although there isn’t any chaching going on, the images are loading quite fast.
» Flickr launched new web interface for the iPhone

Jul 10 was so kind to provide me with some pictures which compare the first gen to the second gen iPhone pretty well. The differences are mostly already known but one thing that i did notice is the brightness of the new vs old iPhone.
» iPhone 3G vs iPhone pictures.

Jun 07

Browsing around I bumped into this newspost on CrunchGear. They claim to have leaked pictures of the iPhone 3g / iPhone 2nd generation. had his own opion on the pictures: I’ll quote both articles below and you can check the pictures on the bottom. Take a look! » Fake pictures of the new iPhone 3G

May 26

3 new pictures have surfaced on the net off the iPhone 3g.
They show us the new iPhone in 3 colors (white, red and black). A thinner chassis, 2 camera’s (one in front and one in the back (enhanced cam)).
To me these are fake ones again, they do look nice, but i’m missing some of the apple look, but then again we never know for sure until Apple will release them :)
» New iPhone 3g pictures !

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