Dec 09

The Apple Grand Central Terminal store in New York City opened up today and a massive crowd came to check it out. In the picture above you can see hundreds of fans stretching all the way down one track and part-way back. Another part of the reason it was so crowded is that Apple will treat avid fans to cool perks, such as 4,000 black shirts with “Apple Store, Grand Central” spelled out in lettering, resembling a train arrival board. Check out after the break for videos and pictures of the crowd and inside of the new Apple Store you can also find the opening hours schedule after the break. » Grand Central Terminal NYC Apple Store Opening Attracts Big Crowds

Oct 03

Foxconn “the company that provides Apple parts” has opened a branch in Brazil some time ago, and the Brazilian brothers of Gizmodo sneaked inside to take some pictures of the upcoming iPhone that will be announced tomorrow. The pictures they took look very similar to the iPhone 4, but if you look closer you see a different model number, N90A. If this is the real deal it can indicate that this is a cheaper version of the iPhone 4, or Apple will announce the iPhone 4S instead of the iPhone 5. If Apple will announce the iPhone 4S it will be very disappointing, since we waited 1,5 year for the new iPhone. We will find out tomorrow. Check out the pictures after the break. » Cheaper iPhone 4 (N90A) Found In Brazil

Aug 11

Macrumors has posted some pictures of an iPhone 5 mockup, which they believe will be the real deal. Personally i think it feels a little bit like a step back, (old iPhone style shapes). Ofcourse it looks really nice and really thin, it also will get a bigger screen and a bigger home button “which a lot of people need to get used to” and is nice polished. This design is based on iPhone 5 cases that show up in China. Macrumors measured the size of these cases, and gave ciccaresedesign a job to design a mockup from this data. This is what they came up with: » iPhone 5 Mockup That Could Be The Real Deal [Pictures]

Jul 28

If you are Instagrams heavy user, here is news for you. Now you can view all photos from this popular service on your iPad. You, your friends, the most popular, interesting and beautiful photos are packed in always up to date albums in Slidelight, a new app from polish developer Macoscope. » Add A Pinch Of Magic To Your Instagram Experience With Slidelight

Mar 12


The iPad 2 has just been released, and the first pictures and videos are filling the web. These pictures are shot by notcot. In these pictures you can see the differents between the first and second gen iPad, and unbocing pictures of the iPad 2. » iPad 2 Unboxing + iPad Smart Cover [pictures]

Jan 06

These images are just mockups, but not less fun to look at. Nobody knows for sure “yet” how the next generation iPad will look like, but it can be something like these images. In this mockup the iPad will get a rear facing camera, a bigger speaker and a new design. After the break you can find more pictures. » iPad 2 Mockup Pictures: The Real Deal?

Mar 17

procameraProCamera helps you take sharper photos with your iPhone. It also has a self-timer option which allows you to take photos and be pictured yourself on them. For sharper photos, the accelerometer triggers the shutter as soon as the iPhone is motionless. You can choose between different precision grades.The self-timer is easy to use. Before the photo is taken, a loud and clear sound signals the remaining seconds so you know when to smile.
» App Store – ProCamera

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