May 30

Although the mobile phone can be our staunch ally at times, helping us make our lives as convenient, comfortable and efficient as possible, these obvious advantages do not come without their drawbacks – many of which highlight the impact they can have on our society in terms of compassion and sensitivity.

Recent research has uncovered the surprising truth: although the majority of the public believe that use of mobile phones in public places is a nuisance, a shocking number of people don’t seem to understand that there are times when mobile phone usage of any kind, is inappropriate. » Even At The Most Inappropriate Times, Britons Are Still Using Their Phones [infographic]

Jul 27

An report from IDC noted that phones are shipping faster than in previous years. About 406 million units shipped in Q2 2012—up from 401.8 million units in Q2 2011. Smartphone shipments also eyed a large year-over-year increase with a 42 percent gain. Samsung hit a new quarterly record after shipping 50 million phones in Q2, where as Apple shipped half as many iPhones during the same time. » Samsung Ships Twice As Many Phones As Apple In Q2

Oct 22

The fight between Apple “iPhone” and RIM “BlackBerry” is still going on, but it looks like Apple is going to win this battle. According to StrategyAnalytics, the iPhone has passed RIM (BlackBerry) by selling 14.1 million phones, while RIM sold 12.1 million phones. Nokia is still way out in front with 26.5 million sales but RIM and Nokia both dropped in sales from the previous quarter while Apple is rising fast. » Apple Passes RIM In Global Smartphone Shipments

Oct 04

Many of us remember the instant messaging and VoIP application Fring from the 1.1.4 jailbreak community. Well, it’s now come to the official App Store with much of the same features, but a much more polished look. It is available as a free download in the App Store. Link to download is inside. » App Store- Fring