Sep 22

Torrent Relay released a private beta of iTR. iTR will allow you to download torrents straight to your iPhone or iPod Touch and it will allow you to directly play the media you downloaded!. It’s even is possible to take a torrent-url from your desktop pc/mac onto your iPhone! iTR will continue to download your torrent while you are on the go. However as the app is webbased, i prefer to hold off untill we see a decent native torrent client.
» Torrent Relay (A webapp torrent downloader)

Jun 13

iSlsk got an update tonight to v0.2.1b. This release adds one major feature. The iTunes Resync option. This function fixes the issue that when you sync your iPhone or iPod touch that all your downloaded music was erased. However, if you have/had the ‘manually manage my music library’ option activated on iTunes you won’t need to use it. All downloaded music can now be found in a folder ‘imported’ in your downloads directory. If you navigate to this folder you can quickly transfer all your downloaded music back to your machine via SSH, iPhoneBrowser or any other app you’d like to use.
» iSlsk v0.2.1b – Soulseek client for your iPhone

May 24

iSlsk v02b has been released by the developer Eric, and yes most of the bugs are fixed.Â

for the people who don’t know what islsk is, it’s a P2P application that focuses on music downloads and uses the SoulSeek network.

The full changelog isÂ


  • Fixed the FirewireGUID error
  • Fixed the import crash error
  • Fixed “Transfer failed” error when trying to download an entire folder, or several files from the same user
  • » iSlsk v02b released

May 14

UPDATE: Version 02B has been released and it fixes most of the problems.

I don’t know if i should post this or not, but as i think i should review almost everything that comes out, i will do it.

Islsk 1.0b is the first native P2P iphone/ipod native Soulseek client. Although it’s still in beta, it does work pretty well.
I’ve been trying to get this client to work for the last 2 hours so I must warn you that for a lot of people this app doesn’t work standard out of the box, you will need to do some ssh’ing and hacking to your iPhone. But i’ll guide you the whole way.
» iSlsk P2P music sharing on your iPhone or iPod Touch (updated3)