May 19

iphone-os-301Apple sent an e-mail to developers who are testing the iPhone 3.0 betas. Apple wants to start testing a pre-release version of the Associated Press iPhone application. They call it a high-volume Push Notifications test. The test will only run for seven days.

» iPhone Push Notification Testing

May 14


Three and a half weeks from now, on Monday June 8th 10:00 a.m., Apple will kick-off the Worldwide Developers Conference with their keynote address. Phil Shiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, will lead the keynote. Steve Jobs will hopefully return in June. » Not Steve but Phil to deliver the WWDC keynote

Apr 18

Developers digging more into the new iPhone OS 3.0 and got us some new discoveries which we can expect with the launch of the same OS later this year. » New discoveries showing in iPhone 3.0 Software

Mar 19

os3Apple’s iPhone OS 3.0 Beta pre-installation advisory document states that once you’ve updated a device it will be in a locked state with no way of going back to an earlier firmware. Well Ralf Rottmann has tried after restoring Beta 3.0 to downgrade his 2G iPhone back to 2.0.
Check out after the break how he did it.
» Downgrading & unlocking iPhone OS 3.0 is possible!

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