Sep 15

There have been several reports about bugs in the iPhone firmware and today there’s another one. This time it’s about discovering a password. After a long wait we finally got Cut Copy Paste with the iPhone OS 3.0. We also got a feature people have been waiting for for a very long time as well: shake to undo. This feature can be used to find out passwords.

» iPhone Password Bug Discovered

Aug 18

bug1There’s a bug found in the OS 3.0 software. It was found on the iPod Touch 2gen of someone with the YouTube account “Popplenrookie”. When you delete an email in your POP mail account and also delete it in the trash map, you can still find it by using the search option on the iPod Touch. It seems that POP mail accounts are not the only ones having this issue. IMAP has the same problem. Even if you delete the mail directly from the server, it still shows up on the search function of the iPod.

» OS 3.0 Mail Bug Found…Major Security Issue

Jul 14


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WordPress: this webstie is made with WordPress. All kinds of plugins are available you can adjust the pages as much as you like until it is in a shape you want. But WordPress also had an app for the iPhone. It’s been a while till it was first released and recently it was updated to make sure it is compatible with OS 3.0.

» WordPress

Jul 05

In the video below you can see how the Dev Team unlocked the iPhone 3GS. Maybe you’ve seen it by now, maybe not. Either way you can watch it back here. It’s nice to see that it’s not that hard to jailbreak the new iPhone, even with OS 3.0. It’s also good to know many people want to help the community and give everybody a chance to do just a bit more with their iPhone than Apple wants you to do. Enjoy! » Dev Team Unlocked iPhone 3GS

Jul 01

apple_logo_grayApple has released two new Ads about the iPhone 3GS showing two very cool features of the OS 3.0. Ofcourse you already know about these features but it is still nice to see those functions in a video. One talks about Voice Control and the other video talkes about Cut, Copy & Paste.

Enjoy! » Two New iPhone 3GS Ads

May 28

wozniak_dv_20090527145455Steve Wozniak is one of the co-founders of Apple. He says Steve Jobs sounds healthy and full of energy. Steve Jobs is on medical leave since January and said his health issues are more complex than I originally thought”. He is expected to return at the end of next month. Steve Wozniak has never directly asked Steve Jobs about his health but is convinced he is not in a health crisis. Or at least not anymore.

» Steve Says Steve Sounds “Healthy And Energetic”

May 21

Japanese Manufacturer Asahi Kasei is going to provide the magnetometer for the next iPhone, claims AppleInsider. They have based their claims on a header file, found in the latest OS 3.0 beta. Google’s mobile phone Android already has this feature on board. A small video clip, on how this feature looks like, is shown below.

» Magnetometer In Action

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