Feb 02

As of December 2010, nearly a third (31%) of all mobile consumers in the United States owned smartphones. The nielsen blog decided to do some research and posted some interesting demographics about mobile phone users. In the graph above you can see that “Thirty-six percent of Asian/Pacific Islander who own smartphones have iPhones. On the other hand, RIM Blackberry is preferred by 31 percent of African-American smartphone owners.”. » Asians Relatively Buy Most iPhones (U.S)

May 06

It’s the night of the warnings, first with Fring and now this news.

Jonathan “NerveGas” Zdziarski, all round iPhone hacker and author of the “iPhone Open Application Development” has found out that when you restore your iPhone to any firmware version, your personal data isn’t deleted or overwritten. So if you ever sell or need to bring back your iPhone to apple, think twice about just restoring.

Your mails, contacts, and other data remain on the device after a restore!!

For now there’s no cleaning tool available yet, but i guess with this news, it won’t take very long.
» Warning: Restore doesn’t erase your personal data!