Aug 11

Apple has just informed developers that all of their developer services are now online. Some of Apple’s services have been down for over 3 weeks, making it impossible for developers to launch new iOS apps, log in to the member center, use iTunes Connect and more Apple services. In an email send to developers, Apple is giving all developers an extension to their developer memberships by one month to account for the downtime. » Developer Services Back Online, Apple Offers Free Month Extension

Jul 28

Last week on 18 July Apple’s servers have been attacked by hackers and Apple was forced to shut down their servers as a precaution after a security breach. Services such as Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, Software Downloads, Safari Dev Center, iOS Dev Center, and Mac Dev Center are now back online and can be used by Developers again. Apple is still working on other services such as the Member Center, App Store Resource Center and Apple Developer Forums. You can check Apple Status Page here to find out what services are up and running and which ones are still down. » Developer Center Coming Back Online

Jul 26

Apple is working hard to get the developer site back online, which has been down for more than a week  now due to a security breach, the company appears to be experiencing another problem with its systems today. A number of users on Twitter and forums have reported they are unable to activate their new iPhones. » Apple’s iPhone Activation Servers Experiencing Extended Outage

Apr 15

Webbapps are nice but they have 1 problem, they aren’t portable .. well untill now :)

There’s a new service out called iwebsaver, it allows you to save any webbapp locally to your iphone, so you can play/use it whenever you feel like it. It also works for sites. Maybee you wan’t to keep a copy of iPhoneFreakz on your iPhone? Well now you can.

I have tested it with everybody’s favorite webapp game bejeweled (well not everybody’s but a lot of people like it :)

Enough chit chat, let me show you how it works.


» Play/use your Webapps (bejeweled) offline