Nov 06

Its crazy, first they created Angry Birds Plushies, Angry Birds Wallpapers and Angry Birds Halloween Costumes, now they created Angry Birds Cases for the iPhone 4 made by Gear4. They will be on the market this month in three different colors “red, yellow and green” and will probably cost around $19,99. It is not sure if these cases can be found in a store near you, because till now we only know that the British operator O2 will sell them. » Angry Birds iPhone Cases Available Soon!

Jan 03

501px-o2_logosvgThe iPhone causes a big increase in the worldwide mobile datastream because of the many iPhone applications that makes use of the internet. Because of that O2 “a British iPhone Provider” has experienced downtime problems for almost 6 months. O2 apologised to customers in an interview with Financial Times and said they are upgrading its network to solve the downtime problems. » O2 Can’t Handle iPhones DataStream

Jan 01

iphoneDailyMail posted some information about the UK mobile phone operator O2. They’re said to spend ‘hundreds of millions of pounds’ in 2010 to prevent a repeat of service outages suffered by customers in 2009.

» ‘Hundreds Of Millions Pounds’: O2 Busy Working On Network Coverage

Oct 06

iphone3gsAccording to a report from The Globe and Mail, wireless providers Bell and Telus will begin selling the iPhone in Canada next month. That’s when Roger’s iPhone exclusivity arrangement, started in July 2008, ends.

» iPhone Exclusivity Roger Ends Next Month?

Mar 14

o2-iphone-uk After T-Mobile decided to drop the price of the iPhone 3G in Germany, rumors are circulating now that O2 will also reduce the price in the UK. Read the full article after the break.
» Rumor: Will O2 drop the price of the iPhone 3G?

Jun 25

O2 has announced the tarifs of the iPhone 3G pay & go bundle. The new 3G 8GB iPhone for Pay & Go will be available for £299.99 (8GB, approx. €377) and 16GB for £359.99 (16GB, approx. €453). This also includes unlimited browsing and Wi-Fi for the first 6 months after you activate your iPhone. You’ll also be able to choose one of our standard Pay & Go tariffs to use with your iPhone. The more you top-up each month, the more free minutes or texts you’ll receive.
» iPhone 3G: O2 announced the Pay&Go tarifs

Jun 10

O2 released an official statement today. They will offer a Pay as you go iPhone and will have some other tariff plans. The coolest news regarding this press statement is off course the no contract version! Read more to see the details. » 02 confirms Pay-as-you-go iPhone 3G and other tariff plans!

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