Jan 03

Pen-Olson reported that there is a New Years Day shopping tradition in Japan that offers up a mystery bag of items usually at a discounted price. This year the bag cost 33000 yen (about $430), and most customers are hoping that there will be a big ticket item inside like an iPad 2 or a Macbook Air. In the picture above the lucky bag included an iPad 2, Smart Cover, Camera Connection Kit, headphones, and more. » Lucky Bags: Popular Apple Store Discount Tradition In Japan

Jan 01

alarm iPhone
Today a lot of people complained about the fact that they didnt woke up by the iPhone’s built-in alarm clock application. Single-use alarms don’t work at all because of a bug in iOS 4.0.2 and 4.1, but alarms set to repeat at least once during the week will work properly. 9to5mac did some tests and found out that this bug fixes itself on January 3rd, which means that anybody who sets an alarm just for tomorrow won’t be woken up by the iPhone’s built-in alarm clock application. » iPhone Alarm Not Working On New Years Day