Apr 19

Ok, this has to be the longest title i have ever written!
But it is actually correct.

Project mono is a ambitious project that will enable us to run .net, java, python and visual basic apps on almost any platform.

and yes, our beloved iPhone will also be able to do it.
The program is still in early beta stages, but a simple ‘hello mono’ app is already working.

check out the movie.
» Run .net, java, python and Visual basic.net apps on your iPhone/iPod Touch with Project mono

Apr 03

I’ve already discussed some emulators but i haven’t yet talked about the NES emu for the iPhone / iPod Touch.

In contradiction to all my previous emulator reviews, this one actually works perfectly.

I just finished playing some Super Mario Bros3 ( a game i loved to play when i was a little kid), and damn this emu is good !!

There’s not very much to tell so let’s just jump to the installation and all the info you guys/girls wanna know.
» Play NES games on your iPhone