Oct 27


Navigon launched a new update for their navigation software application. MobileNavigator goes to version 1.3.0 and is meant for the Benelux and the DACH-countries. The most important update is not something you can immediately use. It is an In-App Purchase option. When you buy it, you can get live traffic information. » Navigon Updates To Version 1.3.0

Oct 16


The newest Navigon update adds two new In-App Purchase options: Traffic Live and UK Postal Codes. The update brings Navigon to version 1.3. The new software is for Europe and several regions: Benelux, British Isles, DACH, Eastern Europe, France, en Nordics. » Navigon Update Adds Traffic Live And UK Postal Codes

Sep 17

500x_navigontrafficNavigon had an update last week and introduced text-to-speech and iPod controls. They have a new feature for their iPhone application: real-time, crowd-sourced traffic. But they will ask 25 dollars for it.

» Navigon Asks An Extra $25 For Real-Time Traffic Data

Sep 11

navigonNavigon update 1.2 is now available in the App Store. As we’re waiting for TomTom to release their big update, Navigon is once agian just quicker then TomTom.

» Navigon Updated To Version 1.2.0

Sep 04

navigon_logo tomtom_logo

Both TomTom and Navigon will come with a carkit for their iPhone navigation software. It seems Navigon tries to keep being one step ahead of TomTom. They were first to release their navigon software and they

might be the first in releasing a carkit as well. And they are considerably cheaper then TomTom. Could this have any effect on the price tags of TomTom’s navigation software?

» Carkits From TomTom And Navigon