Jun 11

CorePlayer is currently working on a iPhone version that they will release in the AppStore. For the people who don’t know what coreplayer is, coreplayer is a mobile multimedia player that supports almost every codec that is currently available. The app is still in heavy development but i got some screenshots and a video to show you what it will be capable off.
» CorePlayer – A media player for the iPhone

May 02

iAlert is a new app from a new Zealand development group.
The app is doing something that the iPhone should standard have, it plays a mp3 every 5 minutes for any missed call or sms.
It’s currently on version 0.2 and it has some bugs.
– It only works on firmware 1.1.3 and 1.1.4.
– When you’re iPhone goes in sleep mode, the alert doesn’t sound.

The app looks promising, but as for now you can’t do very much with it if you’re phone is going into sleep mode.
» iAlert (plays a sound every 5 minutes for a missed sms or call)