Dec 17

mortal kombat
Ultimate Mortal Kombat has been released in the App Store yesterday and can be downloaded here for $6,99. Its pretty expansive for this kind of game, but if you are a real Mortal Kombat fan, you can download it here. With 13 klassic warriors including Scorpion, Sub-Zero, and Sonya Blade; multiple game modes; kustomizable kontrols; and updated visuals aimed to maximize the high-resolution Retina Display…you can relive the brutal combos and vicious fatalities that made Mortal Kombat one of the most iconic videogames ever! » Ultimate Mortal Kombat: Now In The App Store!

Dec 14

According to KnowYourMobile, Ultimate Mortal Kombat “the famous old school fighting game” is coming to the iPhone. During a visit to EA Mobile’s offices in London they caught a glimpse of a playable demo of the game, which you can see in the movie above. Ultimate Mortal Kombat is a beat-’em-up. The idea is to kill your opponent before they kill you, in gory fashion. Once an enemy has been defeated, you can use fatalities and other ways to humiliate your opponent, a feature that has helped the Mortal Kombat series stand the test of time. » Ultimate Mortal Kombat For iPhone Coming Soon