Jun 05

Until today I both had intelliscreen and iToday installed on my ipod touch. I used iToday because I preferred the layout and it showed more calendar items at once, then Intelliscreen. But today the 1.02 update for Intelliscreen got released with some real nice new features that definitely made me switch to Intelliscreen. Intelliscreen, the application that allows you to customize your lockscreen with live rss feeds, wheater reports, mail inbox, calendar items, sms inbox and several other options, now has a feature to manually customize the layout of the items.
» Intelliscreen v1.02 -today screen for iPhone

May 31

Community sources have been updated to version 3.84
There’s not much that changes.
The main iSpazio repo has been added to the list off official community sources.
» Community Sources 3.84

May 27


iPhone System13 Comments »      Chris Eissens

Iwake is no longer available, due to the developer stealing the code from the original creators.
Please use insomnia if you need a application like this.
iAwake is a new tool that keeps your EDGE/WiFi connection on while the screen is turned off.
Why do you need a app like this?
Easy, this app let’s you save some battery when you are downloading movies (MxTube) or music(iSlsK), it achieves this by not using the screen and letting the apps work in the background.

» iAwake2

May 23

First of all, sorry for not being able to post as much as other days, i have been very busy  … but i will bring you all up to speed in no time.
The first one we will review is feeds.
Feeds is feeds reader that uses the google reader infrastructure. So if you are using google reader to stay updated on all of the latest iPhone news via iPhoneFreakz, all you have to do to get this working is to enter your username and password of Google.
» Feeds 0.4.1

May 15

SynchStep is a cool new little app.

The app plays songs from your music library that match your walking pace.
Every step you take lands in-time with a drum hit, a bass pluck or a piano chord.
So the next time you’d like to walk around like John Travolta with some Bee Gees music, use SynchStep :)
» SynchStep plays music on the rhythm of your steps

May 09

iJiang: English to Chinese phrases for everyone.
iJiang is the latest project from wahkiz, a developer on the modmyifone.com community.

iJiang if said in chinese, sounds alot like “love to talk”. And that is the whole point of this app. Foreigners travelling in China will find it hard to converse with the locals there as they are mostly mandarin educated. This app provides the essential chinese phrases for everday speech.

It also provides pronunciation that is closely related to english words rather than the official pinyin format, making it easier for foreigners to master the pronunciation of chinese phrases.
So far the official statement of the developer.
» iJiang v0.1 English to Chinese phrases

May 02

I already discussed a similar game some time ago.
The name was Loo see this page for more information.

Today I’m going to shortly review the game Cubicman, the principle is the same as loo, you get a block and you need to place it onto the lighted field.

Cubicman is at version 0.0.2 for the moment and it has some nice features.
» Cubicman 0.0.2

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