Jul 17

It’s been some time since a cool game was released on to the installer. Well today a new jewel has been released. 3DZapman is a new game from darxun studios. The developer who brought us the shooter CyberSaurus. 3D Zapman is a 3d-ized version of the original PacMan arcade game with a new modern look and feel.
» 3dZapman (3D installer PacMan clone)

Jul 08

I posted about Neverball already some time ago. Well tonight it was released on the installer. For the people who don’t know Neverball, it’s a super monkey ball clone. Neverball is a game of Lazrhog (known of his other ports linke NOIZ2SA, rRootage en iZoo). I’ve played the game a little but the first thing that i noticed are the difficult controls.
» NeverBall released on the installer !

Jul 01

ThTouch our Texas hold’em iPhone poker game has been updated to version 0.32. The new version adds a lot of graphical changes. There’s a new deal button to start the game. The swiping has remained but now it requires you to swipe untill you see a ok button in the middle of your screen. The gameplay also seems to be a bit faster and more smooth. The game now has a hlepscreen that will take you to the developers homepage (and therefore quits your game).
» THTouch 0.32 – Texas hold’em poker for the iPhone

Jun 29

IntelliScreen received it’s almost daily update. Version 1.08 only fixes some bugs and no new features have been introduced. The full changelog after the break.
» IntelliScreen 1.08 – A iPhone today sceen application (update)

Jun 28

IntelliBorn released a update to their very poppular iPhone/iPod Touch today screen replacement. IntelliScreen is now on version 1.07. The new release adds some fixes in the IntelliDial, SMS Privacy, german LanguageƂ and a unlock fix. Click the read more for the details.
» IntelliScreen 1.07 – A iPhone today sceen application

Jun 26

IntelliScreen received another update today. Intelliscreen 1.06b adds some very nice new features. These include a re-enabling of the application when another app disables Intelliscreen, SMS privacy, IntelliDial and a whole lot more after the break. Personally i think this is the the most complete Today screen application but on the other hand it can be a little bit difficult to configure due to it’s high number of features.
» IntelliScreen 1.06b – A today screen for your iPhone

Jun 25

MyBattery is a little tool that shows information about your battery level. When you start the app it will show you your battery level and the percentage.
» MyBattery 1.0 – A quick battery checker for your iPhone

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