Nov 04

In his latest concept, designer Sangam Bhandari, imagines a new home screen that is more than just an app launcher, but something like a mash-up between Notification Center and the current Home Screen. Check out the full iOS 8 concept after the break. » Sangam Bhandari: iOS 8 Concept

Jun 08

Ahead of WWDC13, developer Steve King gives us a ‘first look’ at what a redesigned iOS 7 with flatter, less skeuomorphic design elements would really look like. King’s mockup is  all done in HTML, CSS and Javascript, meaning it’s fully interactive in any browser. » New Interactive HTML5 iOS 7 Mock-Up

Sep 12

We have seen iPad mini mockups before, but in those pictures they showed it next to existing devices like the full-size iPad or iPhone for comparison. Now new pictures showed up on showing the best view yet of how the device will look in the user’s hand. » New Photos Of ‘iPad Mini’ Physical Mockup

Jun 17

Martin Hajek managed to fool the Web when his black iPhone mockups were taken for the real thing. Gizmodo is a good sport and now features his work on a white iPhone mockup, which looks pretty darn good to our eyes. The renderings are inspired by leaked photos and video of what most believe to be the next-generation iPhone’s metal back. Check out after the break for more pictures. » Nice Looking Renders Of Next iPhone In White [Pictures]

Jan 06

iPhone 5 Mockup The iPhone SJ
adr-studio has made unofficial iPhone mockups before and has now created their latest iPhone 5 mockup called the iPhone SJ. The iPhone SJ has a “Totally glass capacitive screen on a polycarbonate lightweight body”. This new design inspired by Steve Jobs has a new core with A6 dual core processor a new camera 10 Megapixel. Check after the break for more pictures. » iPhone SJ: Awesome iPhone 5 mockup

Aug 11

Macrumors has posted some pictures of an iPhone 5 mockup, which they believe will be the real deal. Personally i think it feels a little bit like a step back, (old iPhone style shapes). Ofcourse it looks really nice and really thin, it also will get a bigger screen and a bigger home button “which a lot of people need to get used to” and is nice polished. This design is based on iPhone 5 cases that show up in China. Macrumors measured the size of these cases, and gave ciccaresedesign a job to design a mockup from this data. This is what they came up with: » iPhone 5 Mockup That Could Be The Real Deal [Pictures]

Jul 30

The Italian design company “ciccaresedesign” designed a mockup of a possible new iPhone design, called the iPhone Air. The iPhone Air is inspired by the Macbook Air that is also getting thinner along its way down. The screen is also bigger then it used to be. What do you guys think, will you buy the new iPhone if it looks like this? After the break are more pictures. » iPhone Air: Will This Be The Next Gen iPhone Design? [Mockup]

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