May 12

office2010Microsoft hints at Zune Phone?

Rumors are buzzing all over since Official MS Office2010 team’s Twitter has announced [likely] Zune Phone.
» Zune Phone rumor

May 01

It seems that Apple is about to go nose-to-nose with Walmart in the playground. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the company is poised to announce a deal with a bunch of studios to sell new releases on iTunes the same day as the movies’ release on DVD.

The studios thought to have signed on Apple’s dotted line include Fox, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate and New Line—all of whom have a rental deal with iTunes. Smaller houses, such as Magnolia and Image Entertainment are included, but MGM is out of the picture.
» iTunes to Carry Movies on DVD-Release Date

Apr 24

The first list with apps for Apple Appstore has been released. It’s not fully official yet, but it will give you an overview.

  1. Sega’s Super Monkey Ball (YouTube Video)
  2. Microsoft Exchange Support (YouTube Video)
  3. AOL Instant Messenger (YouTube Video)
  4. Trism (YouTube Video)
  5. iPhone TypePad (YouTube Video)
  6. Peggle
  7. Zuma
  8. Bejeweled
  9. Galaga
  10. Pac Man
  11. Flick Car (Website)
  12. Cocoa Marbles (Website)
  13. CocoaBot (Website)
  14. Bug Bounce (Website)
  15. EA’s Spore (YouTube Video)
  16. » First list with AppStore applications

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