Aug 26

textplus.190The New York Times reports about an app for the iPhone that enables you to send text messages for free. Really? Yes really! Gogii is the creator of the app and says you can send SMS messages to individuals and groups, all for free.

» ‘TextPlus’ Enables You To Send Free Messages!

Aug 21

Apple asked for a new patent, regarding sending messages and files while on the phone with someone. The patent is named “Auto Messaging to Currently Connected Caller”. Sending text messages, e-mails, documents and contact information will be possible while two phones are connected.

» New Apple Patent Allows Sending Messages While On The Phone

May 05

Some websites are now reporting that Fring(versie pre-release v0.978) is causing serious issues with your sms messages.
If you are using Fring and at the same time that you receive a sms message, there’s a high possibility that your full sms database will be erased.
The developer has been informed of the bug and we expect to see a update very soon.