Mar 02

memtool2Memtool is a new task manager for your iPhone/ ipod touch available in Cydia via the iSpazio repository from developer NetDragon. When you fire up MemTool the default page you see shows you a graph with the total memory available (128mb) and the memory in use. By pressing the Clean button the application will attempt to free as much ram as possible.
» Cydia – Memtool (Taks Manager iphone/ipod Touch)

Feb 19

exzeusHyperdevbox Japan announces the release of ExZeus 1.1, a fast and furious 3D action game for iPhone and iPod Touch. ExZeus is an arcade machine in your pocket. For fans of 3D shooter and action games, ExZeus is a heavy action 3d shooter. The Player has a choice of playing three different robots, Sofia a male robot with average speed and shield protection, Calista a female robot with a high speed but a low shield protection and Dynamis a heavy male robot with low speed but high shield protection.
» App Store – EXzeus (3d game)