Sep 01

iPod Touch 4
Now we finally know if all the rumors about the iPod Touch 4 are real or not. What about the retina display, does it have a camera, will it have a new design, etc. Well Steve Job told us all about it in the Media Event today. First of all, yes it will have a front facing camera for FaceTime and a rear camera for HD recording. Second it has a Retina display and a A4-processor just like the iPhone 4. They have upgraded the device with a 3 axis gyro for better gaming experience. Last but not least, it will run on iOS 4.1 with Game Center. » Media Event iPod Touch 4 Details!

Sep 01

apple_2010_media_invite_ event
A Apple first! Apple will have a live stream of the Media Event today, which they will show on the Apple website. The live broadcast will begin at 10:00 a.m. PDT today. Cult of Mac thinks the reason for this “first” live broadcast is to test out the brand new data enter Apple build, that will probably be used for Cloud-Based iTunes. » Live Stream Of The Apple Media Event!

Aug 31

According to a new report Apple will double the length of free song samples this week, from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Greg Sandoval of CNet reported Monday said that Steve Jobs most likely will announce at the Media Event “tomorrow 1 September” that iTunes users will be able to sample 60 seconds of a song before purchasing it. He also wrote “For those who are hoping Apple will finally launch the cloud music service that CNET and others have written so much about in recent months, you’re likely going to have to keep waiting.” » Apple Will Change iTunes Song Samples From 30 To 60 Seconds & No Cloud-Based iTunes?

Aug 25

apple_2010_media_invite_ event
Apple just published the date of the yearly media-event held by Steve Jobs. It will be held on Wednesday September the 1st at 10:00 AM Pacific Time in the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the traditional location for Apple’s fall media events. If the rumors are true Apple will introduce a FaceTime-enabled iPod touch, a redesigned $99 Apple TV device “iTV” and 99 cent TV show rentals. » Apple: iPod Event Will Be Held On September The First!

Jan 27

iPad 2Today’s Apple Media Event was all about the iTablet…erh iPad. Steve Jobs started by talking about some general information. The App Store has almost 140,000 applications and Apple’s first quarter produced a stunning $15.6 billion revenue. Steve quickly continues talking about his latest creation.

» Our Latest Creation…And We Call It The “iPad” [+ Video-link]

Jan 26

apple latest creationApple has started preparing the Yerba Buena Center for tomorrow’s media event. The event could be one of the most memorable events in Apple’s history. The center gets large banners on the windows with the same color pattern as the invitations Apple sent last week. Tomorrow we will all see Apple’s latest creation and iPhoneFreakz is going to deliver a live coverage of the event on the Live Coverage-page. We start the live blog at 9:45 AM Pacific Time as a warming up, so we’re all ready when the event starts at 10:00 AM. Hope you’ll follow us.

» Preparations Media Event Have Begun

Jan 26

500x_mac-tablet-concept-2The iTablet: will Apple launch it or not? That’s a question that’s been floating around the web for many years. Yes years, because back in 2001 the first rumours about a so called iPad started to show up. After those first rumours, the buzz around an Apple Tablet device was often quiet as well. And then, suddenly, new rumours showed up. This went on and on for many years, but the year 2009 must have been the most fruitful year when it comes to rumours about this now mythical device. Here’s an overview of the Apple Tablet rumours throughout the years. » It Began In 2001, But It Will Really Start In 2010 [Full Report]

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