May 14

Maps offline got an update to version 0.50 today.
I won’t be showing you guys all the screenshots as i have made some before.
What i can tell you is that the latest version let’s you search a saved map.
This is a great new feature from the guys of Nambrot and according to there site, a lot more features are coming.
» Maps Offline 0.50 let’s you search your map offline

Apr 21

Maps offline must be one of the most viewed topics on my whole blog.
I’m happy that the developer has released an updated version, as this version actually resolves a problem a lot of users have.

When you save your map, and then reactivate it, sometimes it happens that the map app is not positioning you exactly above your saved map, so you could be anywhere in the whole world, but not on your saved map.

» Maps Offline v0.20