Jun 29

Swedish designer Anders Kjellberg has developed a stylish concept design for Apple’s eagerly anticipated iWatch.

Kjellberg’s design features an iWatch with FaceTime capabilities; it has an 8-megapixel camera built into the face of the watch that is also able to record videos in HD.

The watch will be equipped with a ‘Retina Multi-Touch display’, allowing users to switch between the time, iTunes, Google Maps and other apps that are available on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It will also feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities—allowing users to stream music to their headphones.

Although this is only a concept design, it definitely looks like something that Apple might produce. Only time will tell. » iWatch Concept With Retina Multi-Touch Display & More [Pictures]

Sep 13

We already showed you the iWatch concept by Ogikubokei, but what about the Incipio Linq iPod Nano Watch Case. It’s a wrist-worn carrying solution for the iPod Nano. The Linq from Incipio which will be available in 5 different colours features a full “wrist” housing that will not only protect the Nano “thanks to the award winning Next Generation Polymer material”, but also ensure it doesn’t get accidentally dislodged while worn. » The iPad Nano 6G Watch Case

Sep 05

The newest iPod Nano is so small why not use it as a watch? Ogikubokei was thinking the same and uploaded a picture to Flickr showing a iWatch concept. Its pretty simple, just a regular watch strap and a iPod Nano mounted on the strap using the clip on the back. Its pretty simple, but maybe Apple is thinking the same and will the iWatch be the next new gadget they release.

May 10

apple-iwatchA Italian designer has designed a Apple concept called the iWatch. The name said it all it’s a watch from Apple. The aluminium watch got 16GB intern memory, Wi-Fi and uses Bluetooth to connect to your iPhone or iPad. Ones connected you can answer calls, reed RSS feeds, see your photos and it even got a pico-projector to project you photos or videos onto the wall. Concept photos after the break. » Apple iWatch Concept

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