Jun 03

Remind you is a new application that transforms your slide to unlock screen to a calendar view. The app doesn’t have much special visual tricks or extra features, but if you’re the kind of man/woman who quickly needs to look at the next meeting, then this app is something for you. However.. there’s 1 thing about this app that i do need to mention! It’s price is 19,95$. We still have great alternatives like iToday and Intelliscreen.
» Remind You 1.0 – Reminder app for lockscreen iPhone

Jun 02

Some days ago i had a very interesting meeting with the people from iPhoneClub.nl. We were mainly speculating what the iPhone is going to bring us in the near future, especially with firmware 2.0 and the appstore coming up. After talking for about an hour we decided it might be nice if we asked the developers their point of view regarding the upcoming appstore and the future of jailbreaking. After some quick decisions regarding the questions, I briefly wrote a e-mail addressed to several developers.
» iPhone developers talk about appstore and their applications

May 26

vWallpaper 0.9

iPhone Apps11 Comments »      Chris Eissens

Skrew released another update to his vWallpaper application.
For the people who don’t know what vWallpaper is, it let’s you play video’s on your background springboard. Much like vista dreamscene.
What’s new in version 0.9?
A great new feature that let’s you add Video repository’s.
I’m working on one as we speak, i will hope to be ready by tomorrow evening :)

» vWallpaper 0.9

May 24

iToday and SkrewCommon got another update today.
SkrewCommon is not at version 1.33Â 1.34 and iToday at version 0.4

Changelog for SkrewCommon 1.34

– iTdoay: Coreect time display in events.
– iToday: Don’t play video if iTunes have music playing. Â
– Support for iToday 0.4

» iToday 0.4 (updated)

May 22

iToday 0.3

iPhone System5 Comments »      Chris Eissens

Another day another update to iToday.
Skrew updated his app to version 0.3. Personally i think the app is starting to blend very well with the default iPhone/iPod look..
The changelog this time doesn’t add much new features except for the theming (nice!) and the correct birthday date!
full changelog :
» iToday 0.3

May 18

Eric Degrange released an update to his SkrewCommon and iToday.

The changes in SkrewCommon are :


– Woops shame! Video for vWallpaper was hardcoded. Fixed! :)

– Rewrited from scratch.
– Autolock removed for this version (code rewrited).
– Add functionnality to iToday.
» SkrewCommon 1.31 + iToday 0.2

May 13

In my previous post i already briefly mentioned iToday.
so here is the first look on iToday.

Itoday is a application that will give you lot’s of information on your lock screen. It’s kinda the same as Kate (for which i’m writing a big review but it won’t be out untill later this week).
iToday display informations like missed call/sms, meteo and birthday and Video …
» iToday 0.1 (update with Weather icon)

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