Jun 19

Tuaw has writen down some facts that may proof that the next generation iPhone will be cheaper than the current iPod Touch 4. Does this mean that the iPod Touch will be removed from the market? Personally i dont think so, but check the facts after the break and take your own conclusion. » Next Gen iPhone, Cheaper Than Current iPod Touch?

Jun 29

Apple iPhone
To create a iPhone 4 “16GB version” you need about $187.51 in raw parts, according to iSuppli. This makes the iPhone 4 Apple’s most expensive phone ever since the original iPhone. The most expensive part of the iPhone 4 is the retina display screen which cost $28.50 per unit, the second most expensive part of the phone is the A4 processor which cost $10.75 per unit. Its still just an estimate but iSuppli has a lot of experience and knows where they are talking about.