Jun 08

iQuiz, Excuses, Switch-it and linux installer moved repository from iSpazio to BigBoss. None of the app’s have any new features, it’s just a repo change.

May 24

I just posted the news that all apps + games moved from Touchrepo to BigBoss.
Well it seems that we will soon only have 4 big repository’s left.
BigBoss, NullRiver, RipDev and iSpazio.
DavTeam moved all of there applications and toys to the iSpazio repo.
» DavTeam Apps and Games Moved to iSpazio

May 14

We all know the iMpossible Quiz, that quiz that has not real or logically answers. If you don’t know it, you can play it here.

Well now you can play it on your iPhone. Our friends of the DavTeam have created the iMpossible Quiz for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

» IQuiz 1.0 (impossible quiz clone for your iPhone or iPod touch)