Oct 12

iLounge has confirmed that the new white models of the fourth-generation iPod touch are now available at Apple Retail Stores. The new white model is exactly the same as the prior version but they arrive with iOS 5.0 pre-installed. The new white models of the fourth-generation iPod touch are available for purchase now and are priced from $199. Check out more pictures after the break. » White iPod Touch 4G Now In Stores

Oct 10

We all like the HDR photos that can be shot with the iPhone 4 and these days it is also possible to shoot HDR photos on iPhone 3G/3Gs, but what about the iPod Touch 4G? Well it is possible, all you need is a jailbroken  iPod Touch 4, running iOS 4.1, this .plist file and follow the how to after the break. » Enable HDR Photos On iPod Touch 4G [How To]

Sep 27

The Dev-Team made a video of the status of the SHAtter jailbreak. SHAtter is a new jailbreak to jailbreak iOS 4.0.2 thanks to a new exploit found by @p0sixninja of the Chronic Dev Team and further developed by @pod2g. In the video they show that SHAtter is also capable of restoring a iPod Touch 4G to a custom IPSW-file. » Video Demonstration Of SHAtter jailbreak [jailbreak]

Sep 11

Posixninja and pod2g have discovered the first exploit of the A4 chip which makes it possible to execute a tethered jailbreak on iOS 4.1. SHAtter will jailbreak your iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 4 and iPad for Life! It is the same way of jailbreaking as Geohot discovered but unfortunately he left the jailbreaking community a view months ago. Well known hackers in the jailbreaking scene such as MuscleNerd have confirmed on Twitter that “That latest exploit from @pod2g confirmed to work beyond iPhone4…also on at least iPad and yesterday’s iPod4G too” and works with the newest iOS 4.1. » Jailbreak iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 4, And iPad With SHAtter!

Jan 30

apple itouch camera patentApple has a new Patent, this patent is for a new iPod Touch “4G?” with camera, LED backlighting, autofocus and digital zoom.

Apples plan was to install a camera in the previous iPod Touch, the iPod Touch 3G. But because of some errors with the camera, apple removed the camera just minutes before the iPod Touch was introduced. » Apple Patent For iPod Touch 4G