Jul 31

Google updated its universal iOS app today with a couple of noteworthy improvements including smoother animations and scrolling on the iPhone and iPod touch. It also features the ability to save picture attachments to the iOS photo library by tapping and holding an image as well as the usual bug fixes. » Gmail iOS App Updated: Smoother Animation & Save Picture Attachments To Your Photo Library

Jul 31

Dashboard X is an awesome widgets system for iOS. It works with existing notification center widgets (means: a huge selection is available) and places them on your home screen and a special dashboard screen (like in OS X!). Check Dashboard X out in Cydia! Compatible with all devices running iOS 5.0 and above! After the brek you can find a video of Dashboard X in action. » Dashboard X 2.0: iOS Home Screen Widgets [jailbreak]

Jul 30

With Apple vs. Samsung trial is kicking off today, Apple has released images of a 2005 iPhone prototype dubbed ‘Purple’. It actually has some, if not most, of the design elements of the iPhone 4 design, which Samsung accused Apple of lifting from Sony. This one, again, is labeled “iPod”. » Apple Released Picture Of 2005 iPhone Prototype Called “Purple”

Jul 27

An report from IDC noted that phones are shipping faster than in previous years. About 406 million units shipped in Q2 2012—up from 401.8 million units in Q2 2011. Smartphone shipments also eyed a large year-over-year increase with a 42 percent gain. Samsung hit a new quarterly record after shipping 50 million phones in Q2, where as Apple shipped half as many iPhones during the same time. » Samsung Ships Twice As Many Phones As Apple In Q2

Jul 26

With Apple and Samsung’s jury trial slated to kick off in a federal district court in San Jose, Calif this Monday, AllThingsD points us to trial briefs where Samsung’s lawyers argue Apple’s inspiration for the original iPhone CAD drawings and designs were inspired by a Sony product. After the break you can find an article referenced to a 2006 interview with Sony designers that appeared in Businessweek.

» Samsung Says Apple Stole iPhone Design From Sony

Jul 25

Ryan Petrich has updated LiveClock to work on iOS 5.1. The tweak modifies the iOS click.app icon to display the current time in real-time. To install LiveClock, add the following repo in Cydia: http://rpetri.ch/repo » LiveClock: Live Clock Animation For Clock Icon

Jul 24

This is the fourth ad in Apple’s line of popular Siri commercials. This time legendary film director Martin Scorsese does an iPhone commercial showing off Siri. Scorsese is found in his natural environment—on the streets of Manhattan in the back of a cab. » Martin Scorsese Does Siri Commercial In NYC Cab

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