Apr 08

Millionaire is one of my favorite iPhone games.
So i tried the update immediately when i saw it in my updates.

One big change is the fact that language questions and the app are now installable from different categories.
This makes it much easier to update questions and add languages.

I noticed 3 changes in the app of which 1 big and 2 small ones.

1. Now you can choose your language and (great i was waiting for this)
2. Some sounds have been changed (minor)
3. When you virtually call someone, the answer is now given in english instead of italian. (minor)

» Millionaire v0.7 released (updated to v0.72)

Apr 07

The guy from DataBinge that has brought us our favorite backup solution TimeCapsule is back with WildEyes for safari.

The program let’s you view all sorts of documents right in your Safari.
The app is usefull for viewing pdf, doc, docx, xls, slsx, txt files, images, html, htm, aif, mp3, m4v, mp4 and aac files !

I think most business people really needed an app like this!
Now this is a program that i was missing on my iPhone.

Let’s have a look at version 0.08b1

» View your documents (pdf,xls,doc,txt,etc) on your iPhone iPod with WildEyes

Apr 06

Some of us already installed CameraPro, one downside to this app was that you had to pay after using some of it’s features.

Well now we have Snapture.

Snapture is almost identical to CameraPro, except for 1 thing.. It’s freeeeeeeeeee :)

I like this app, cause it gives you some more options that the standard Photo app doesn’t has.

» Advanced photography with Snapture (CameraPro)

Apr 05

Some late night news,

It seems that some developers got Quake 3 running pretty good in multiplayer over the network!
They succeeded in using using the accelerometer for the controls.

This looks awesome but is it legit? Will this be released?

We’ll keep you updated as always :)

check the video for some cool gameplay..
Video after more


» Quake 3 on your iPhone/ Ipod Touch in multiplayer ??

Apr 02

It’s the day Apple releases new commercials :)

In my previous post, i showed you the get a mac adds, but now Apple has released 3 iPhone commercials also.

I must say, these commercials really hit it hard, I know that some of us will strongly agree with those ad’s.

But i won’t blabber any longer, here they are


» 3 new iPhone commercials

Mar 31

Who want’s to be a millionaire used to be one of the shows i liked to watch on the tele.
When i saw this app available in the repo, i was a little thrilled to test it out.

Millionaire was first only available with Italian questions, but since today, they have added english questions also.

There’s only 1 little drawback to this little app, when you have played it several times, you almost know all of the answers.
I hope they will upgrade the questions database with a whole lot of new questions in the next release.

Let me guide you.

» Who wants to be a millionaire iPhone game

Mar 21

First of all.. a great welcome to all of you who are interested in learning more about the iPhone.
I’ve started this site together with a friend cause honestly i’m getting fed up off all the different sites that have iPhone information.
Our goal is to supply you with all the information you will ever need to work and play with the iPhone.Till the next post, i greet you all. ..Nicolas aka Multinova

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