Feb 08

qik-video camera previewQik Video Camera is an iPhone App that shoots 15fps videos which you can give video effects like, Mirror Effect, Black and White, Red Effect and even Avatar Effect. Qik Video Camera also gives you the option to share videos using Facebook, E-mail and SMS. » Qik Video Camera: iPhone Video Effects

May 30

iPhone Video Recorder received an update to version today.
As i haven’t reviewed this app before, this is a excellent opportunity to have a look at it.
iPhone Video recorder the brainchild of the company DreamCatcher.
The app allows you to record video on your iPhone at approx 15fps. It compresses the audio and video at mp4, this let’s you record up to 1 hour of video and still only have a file size off about 60mb.
There’s only 1 little problem.. it’s not free, a license will cost you about 19.95$, but you will receive updates for all the versions to come. Even a free upgrade to the 3G iPhone will be given when you have a official license.
» iPhone video recorder 1.2.4

May 27

DreamCatcher, the creators of the iPhone video recorder are launching a contest.
To celebrate the blossom of iPhone Video Recorder, we, DreamCatcher are launching a video contest for the most creative and smooth videos which are made using iPhone Video Recorder. The Contest organization committee will choose top 10 winners from the participants by the end date June 30th, 2008.

Videos will be ranked based on these criteria:
1. Use of DreamCatcher’s iPhone Video Recorder.
2. Youtube users rate and views counts.
» iPhone Video Recorder contest. (win a free iPhone)

Apr 24

While most of us are waiting for the public beta release of uShow, Dream Catcher didn’t want to wait any longer for a video recording app.
Today they released iPhone video recorder 1.1.

Let’s check what the features are.
The iPhone video recorder is capable of recording video at 15fps in 3 video modes (best performance at 320*460, max picture size 320*416 and on the fly(very low frame rate). After recording the app compresses the video in MP4 formate and a file of about 1hour will take about 60mb space.

The recording is really easy. You start the app and press the record button.. after you have done your recording press the stop button. And the app will start encoding your video in the format you chose above.
After that it has encoded the video, you can select it and chose to e-mail, play or delete it.
» iPhone video recorder 1.1 by iPhone Cake